Follow-up Action

I have two Custom Actions - action_id , action_part.

inside action_id , I am calling action_part through this line - return [FollowupAction(“action_part”)]

The problem which i am facing is - from action_id , action_part is called . but after finish of action_part , again action_id is called. re-calling of action_id is useless . kindly tell me how to avoid this.

What version of rasa are you using? Also can you post your stories?


  • ask_part{“id”: “call”}

    • action_part

    • slot{“id”: null}


  • ask_id{“id”: “sushant.v”}

    • action_id

    • slot{“id”: null}

i am explaining the flow of intents and actions -

for user msg :::::
intent = ask_id , action = action_id

now from action_id , i have called action_part . action_part runs and display the results and finishes. after this , again action_id is executed.

my concern is why action_id is executed ?