While running rasa x, getting error

Hi @raysaswat,

Did you install a different version of Rasa X?

Upon startup, rasa x is noticing a change in the data-base schema, and is trying to fix it, but something is not working right.

Thanks Arjaan for the response. The error went away when i tried restarting terminal.My rasa x version is 0.24.1

Hey @raysaswat. Have you considered deploying Rasa X to a server?

We recommend that you should deploy Rasa X to a server instead of using it locally. You can find out the easiest way to do that here.

The pypi install that lets you run it locally is intended to just show you what Rasa X is quickly before you install it on a server. The reason we recommend deploying on a server is because Rasa X is intended to be capturing and collecting conversations users have with your assistant, so you can use those to improve. I recommend watching this video that goes into more depth about this.

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