Where does pip install rasa executables?

By default, where does pip save rasa’s executable files on your hard drive when you install rasa?

I’m running Windows 10 with Python 3.6, and I typed “pip install rasa” into a command line as instructed by the tutorial while viewing C:\Rasa in the command line. I see the ‘working documents’ like domain.yml, data/actions.md, etc. in C:\Rasa, and I am able to execute rasa commands like rasa init and rasa shell – but I don’t actually see anything in C:\Rasa that looks like the rasa program itself. I also don’t see a rasa library in my Anaconda file folder, although I do see that rasa shows up in the list when I type conda list into the command line.

The reason I ask where the rasa executable gets saved is that rasa seems to have been deleted from my hard drive overnight. Yesterday, rasa commands were working fine. Last night, I shut down my computer; this morning, I booted my computer up again, and none of the rasa commands would run until I reinstalled rasa from scratch. Right now, after re-installing, the rasa commands are working again, but I still can’t find any rasa executables on my hard drive.

Anybody have any suggestions for where I should look?

Hi @JGreenLowe. If you type pip show rasa you should get the info about the package including the location of where the package was installed on your local machine.

The fact that the package disappeared is a bit strange though. Are you using virtual environment for your installation?