Getting rasa command not found


I have installed rasa on my Mac OS using the installation guide, But on training my existing rasa bot using nlu train command , i am getting command not found error on terminal.

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try rasa train command once

i have it is not able to find rasa installed on my machine

please try pip show rasa to check whether rasa is installed or not

pip show rasa displays rasa info…but i am still getting same error on training the model or even using rasa init

First type pip list command in terminal and check rasa is present in that list or not

I run into the same issue.

I resolved this issue by reinstalling rasa.

Commands: First: pip uninstall rasa

It will ask if you want to proceed, to which you say Y

Then: pip install rasa.

Problem solved.

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Hi, @NikhilBansal21 did your issue get resolved? I am running into the same issue. Kindly reply.

me too , im facing the same problm , try to check your path because using pip in installation will automatically drop into home/.local/bin which is not in path list (for ubuntu users) try to add that path using export command ps : i tried that but still nothing working -.-

and yeah i found the answer you should activate ur python env , create folder where you want to implement ur project with mkdir command and then open it with cd and then rasa init --no-prompt (ubuntu user)

Make sure you are using Python 3.6.x to 3.8.x, and NOT 3.9.

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That’s true. I am on Windows 10. I installed rasa and I could see it from conda list and pip list, but I couldn’t even rasa init. After uninstalling and reinstalling it, everything turns to be normal now.