Response retrieval

Hi, just to make sure I get it right. You can’t use custom actions to respond when using the response retrieval model, right? responses must be plain text in the file?

You can use custom actions when dealing with response retrieval model. For more details -> Integrate response retrieval models in assistants built with Rasa. You can specify your custom action in trigger eg : trigger : my_custom_action

Hi Archish, thanks for your answer. So if I understand correctly, in the domain file, I have a line looking like the following:


  • ask_faq:{triggers: my_custom_action}

but can I have separate custom actions for each of the sub-intents like for instance:


  • ask_faq/python_version:{triggers: my_custom_action_python_version}
  • ask_faq/languages:{triggers: my_custom_action_languages} ? Would this work?

Thanks again Marc

@marcco411 Yes, you can mention in domain.yml file, internally triggers will fire to action server.

Hi @Archish27 (or marcco411), Can you explain, how you can put this “triggers” command into the domain file? For me this is not working… I just received different error messages with my different attempts… Thanks!