How slots influence conversation

Whenever a slot is set during a story, either by user message based on slot mappings or custom action, we always have to define the course of action/path of the story based on the slot value using ‘slot_was_set’ if the ‘influence_conversation’ is set to true.

Since slots are bot’s memories, is there a way to set a slot and not base the conversation flow on the slot value right away, rather the bot just saves the slot value for future use in the conversation aka just carry on the story without slot value influence right away and later on, down the road, the slot value eventually influences the conversation somewhere?!

Because, we want the slot influence the conversations else " If you want to store information in a slot without it influencing the conversation, set influence_conversation: false when defining your slot."

I guess no, as slot used the InmemoryTrackerstore for storing the values, you can store the values of slot and can used for later conversations.

I want the slot to influence the conversation, just not right away. For example I have a slot accountNumber that is set at the start of the conversation and does not influence the conversation right after its been set. After a few exchange of messages between the bot and user, eventually there comes a need of that accountNumber.

@amiratqa you bot/user conversation start as you defined in the stories or rule.

I don’t quite understand what you mean.

@amiratqa this video will give you idea: Memory and Slots in Rasa | Rasa Tutorial - YouTube

This doesn’t solve my problem. The person in the video is not altering the course of the conversation based on slot value. The person is just using the slot value in an utter.

What I want to know is if after getting the name slot filled by the user, and having influence_comversation true, can I not use ‘slot_was_set’ immediately? And maybe later in the conversation, after a few messages are exchanged, alter the conversation into multiple stories by determining what value was saved in the name slot at the start of the conversation?

@amiratqa Sorry to hear that. Influence means influence the conversation based on the values you are setting.