Incomplete doc for slot of type bool

Boolean slot, NOTE in the description.

Note that an empty bool slot influences the conversation differently than if the slot was set to false.

This statement doesn’t specify how the influence will be different.

@rohit07 please check this link, and I hope you already do : Domain

Here, you are right its bit vague, but its related to above docs as influencer will be same for every slot.

In summary: if you set the influence_conversation: true it will effect the conversation, when he get the value then he will follow next action, or if its set to influence_conversation: false then it will follow the next action, if you provide or not provide the value. Further, it also means when you define your story and in that you mention slot_was_set its also related to influence_conversation.

I hope this will give you clear idea, I will suggest you experiment and see the difference by yourself?

Take the case where influence_conversation is True and I have a slot decide.

Case 1. initial value of decide is false

- slot_was_set:
        - decide: false
  path 1
- slot_was_set:
        - decide: true
  path 2

Case 2. initial value of decide is null

I’d like to know the behaviour when

  1. I’m in case 2 with the same story
  2. If I use SlotSet('decide', None) in some action then how will it affect the two cases?

Any updates on this?

for ??

If I set default value of slot for example True, I can not change it later to False. It remains True all the time. Rasa literally drives me crazy, I am really sorry to say it - but documentation is written in a completely ununderstandable way, super confusing

@risgrot this is whom are you addressing Rasa Team, to me or Rohit? I confused as you are confused with documentation.

You can always set any slot via: returning [SlotSet(slot_name, value)] from any action’s/form’s run method. NOTE: the new value won’t be available till it gets returned from the current actions run method.

If the above doesn’t work, share the logs, please.