What is the module path to add custom connector in rasa-x which is based on docker container?

I have created a custom connector which is for twitter I have tested it with the rasa open source which is having the path in Python site-packages…!!

But I want to use that custom connector with rasa-x which is based on docker… to use it I have place the connector file in path right??

But I can’t find the path could anyone help me??

It’s a great help, thanks in Advance :blush:

HI @MaheshMahi19 have you taken a look at this page? You shouldn’t need to put this in the python site-packages directory.

As per documentation it’s the method to add custom components which is a part of NLU…

The method you said works for training the model… which will check at the training time… but not in for connecting platforms…!!

Sorry to say… it didn’t worked as expected :frowning:

Was a solution found to this? I am having the same issue.

@nmvl could you post some more details on the issues you’re having?