[Solved]How to make configuration for custom connector channel in credentials.yml file

Hi everybody,

I am trying to create custom connector for my bot, but I am getting issue while doing configuration in credentials.yml file.

Below is the screenshot for references:

Can someone help me or explain me how do I do that??

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Can you please share your credentials file and the name of your custom channel class (python code)? Thanks.


Below is my credentials.py file :

credentials.yml (683 Bytes)

And my custom connector class file witth name MyIo.py file name :

MyIo.py (4.1 KB)

Hi @prashant_kamble. Can you please try to add your component to your python path and let me know if that solves the problem? To do that, please run:

export PYTHONPATH=/path_to_the_dir_with_your_component/:$PYTHONPATH

Yeah @Juste. It worked now I don’t need to mention path for credentials.yml file. I am simply executing rasa run command and it’s working.

Previously it was was not setting path variable named “PYTHONPATH” because in my path there were folders with names including special characters so I removed special characters and it worked.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face::blush:

Hi @Juste.

I have created custom channel in local environment its working fine(ubuntu, apache).

but in production mode(docker, nginx) my custom channel is not working, getting module not found error

  • my project installation path is /etc/rasa
  • custom connector file is located in: /etc/rasa/MyIo.py
  • I set pythonenv for custom connecter in Dockerfile

MyIo.py (4.9 KB) credentials.yml (55 Bytes) Dockerfile (766 Bytes)

Please, can anyone help me to fix this issue?