Getting local server HTTPS issues

Hello Everyone, I was using deployed RASA-X locally using guide. And I successfully installed the software, but the issue arise during HTTPS configuration. When I run the helm upgrade command, it return timed out message, and I think its checking port 8080.

As per my research, the main rasa-x interface is at port 80, and the port for HTTPs is 443. As it is installed in our local system, only port 443 is open externally with the external IP and domain. Other ports are only used for internal purpose.

Kindly guide me whether I need to open few other ports, if yes, then which ones.

And what if I would like to use my own paid certificates for ssl. What would be the procedure then? Kindy help me out Thanks in Advance Regards: Diksha

Hi @Zainalee

I can point you towards this part of the documentation.

And for the port there are two flags, --rasa-x-port for Rasa X and --port for the rasa server that is also deployed.