Websockets across load balanced Core

Hi! I’m pretty new to Rasa, but love it so far. I’ve been using the available Docker images to deploy to AWS. Since I want it to be highly available, I want to deploy both Core and NLU in 2 availability zones. Right now i’m using the latest version of each image since it’s just a prototype.

So now to my question - I setup 2 instances of NLU and 2 instances of Core and an AWS Application Load Balancer between them. I am using the React chat widget from GitHub - mrbot-ai/rasa-webchat: A chat widget easy to connect to chatbot platforms such as Rasa Core. When I direct it to the Core load balancer, I get a bunch of these errors: WARNING engineio.server - Invalid session f2d08098dfc34e458f8d83c98a2f3838

I’ve attempted to do sticky sessions on the load balancer and set session persistence true in my socket.io configuration in endpoints.yml.

How do people have multiple core instances running and successfully manage it with web sockets?


Not really sure what I changed on either end, but it’s working reliably now!

I am having the same issue of invalid session. Did you get the solution for it?

Issue is fixed after updating to rasa 1.0

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Hey, can you help me with this? I am trying to do this but i have clue on how to proceed?