Deployment on balanced server


My bot is ready to put on production. I’m using only Rasa (NLU and Core). I have two python servers that both answer to a VIP (balancer). So, each one will respond to a request but, right now, I can’t choose which one. I would like to know if its possible do syncronize both servers, so when a request that is part of a conversation can be processed as a part. If it’s not possible, my chatbot may not work as it should. Does anyone know if it’s possible?

I looked at docs and always show a single machine. (I have on-premise windows servers)



I am not sure I fully understand what you mean. So you want the conversations to be sticky and always answered by the same instance? If so, we are currently working on making that easier. In the meantime that is something the load balancer needs to do (e.g. IP based, header based, content based).

Maybe. Is there any way to keep two instances synced ? Then, I won’t have any trouble.