Web Bot Integration With CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

Hello everyone, I have a chat-bot on my web page and now I want to integrate it with a CRM(ZohoCRM, SalesForce, etc). Is there any way we can do this? I have referred the RASA documentation, did not find anything.

Any Help will be appreciated Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “integrate it with a CRM(ZohoCRM, SalesForce, etc)”. Do you want to get some information from the CRM or do you want to be able to chat with the bot from the CRM?

In the first case you probably want to use custom Actions together with the rasa-sdk. In the second case I recommend building Custom Connectors.

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Hello, My problem is a bit different : I want to have a Rasa Bot connected to a Messenger App. The App itself is connected to a FB page. So far no problem. But I would like to be able to redirect the user talking to the bot through the FB Page to a CRM platform where a (human) agent will take the lead to substitute the bot when it can’t help the user anymore. The CRM works with Messenger too. Basically I need to know if there is a way to let Rasa give the lead to the Messenger API connected to the CRM and to the user’s fb page-messenger-conversation instance.

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Hello, @liloup1789 Nowadays people are using the software with Bots. Their apps itself Connected to BOT. for example (CRM.io, Zoho CRM, SalesForce … these are already have Integrated BOT

Tools like Trello or Asana can help you keep track of your tasks, deadlines, and progress and ensure that your project is on track. But their options are limited.