Ways to get history dialogue RASA 11.12

I am using RASA core 0.11.12. with chatroom. I will have many users to interact with my bot.

Here are two questions:

  1. How can I identify each user?
  2. How can I get the dialogue histories of each user?
    • time stamps, ID, all conversation etc.
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hey @e8180kimo,

  1. to identify users you can use session variables 2)to get the dialogue histories of each user you can use dialogue state tracker, refere the belwo link Dialogue State Tracker
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Hi @JiteshGaikwad I did find the link before, but I am not sure which one I should use.

current_state seems like only show the current one instead of the whole history? or should I use past_states instead?

Do I just make another customize action and call the tracker?


Hey @e8180kimo if you want the whole conversation details,you can use Tracker Stores

Hi @JiteshGaikwad this link is for rasa cora 0.12.3, do you know if these works on 0.11.12?

hey @e8180kimo it wont work for that version but you can use the link below for the version u mentioned,


Thanks @JiteshGaikwad But this is a HTTP call. For example, it gave a command: curl http://localhost:5005/conversations/default/tracker | python -mjson.tool

Can it be added to my customize action or into the stories so after the user finish the conversation with the bot, the conversation automatically save to a txt file in a folder?