Default tracker store

How to access conversation history from default tracker store ?? how to write code in file to extract chat conversation??

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You can get the whole Conversation by using this API http://localhost:5005/conversations/{replace_with_sender_id}/tracker

There is no way to get the conversation in the program by using the tracker object. you can use request.get() method and get the whole conversation as a JSON response.

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Thanks for your quick response :blush::blush: Can you explain how to use request.get() method to get the whole conversation with code if possible Thanks in advance

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Here is the screenshot of how the request looks like

here is the code you can use in

# importing the requests library 
 import requests 
# api-endpoint 
sender_id = mention_sender_id_here
URL = "http://localhost:5005/"+sender_id+"/ali/tracker"
# sending get request and saving the response as response object 
r = requests.get(url = URL) 
# extracting data in json format 
data = r.json()
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If you follow this approach you will get the conversation history only when custom actions are called but if you want to access the whole conversation history from tracker, you can check this code:

Instead of calling api, we can also get the conversation using as_dialogue method of the tracker

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hey @JiteshGaikwad I tried this method to store conversations but in chatHistoryLogger I’m get “undefined variable error” for “logger.debug”


Hey @kpreetsid make sure you have imported the logging module in the chathistoryLogger

import logging

Hey @JiteshGaikwad,

I’ve already imported the said module in chthistoryLogger file.

Still getting the same error.


can you show me the

attaching snapshot of whole

hi @kpreetsid, thanks for stating the issue, I had forgot the logger definition.

logger = logging.getLogger(name)

just add it to line no. 8

what does “name” stands here?, because I’ve checked whole file but there is no variable named “name”.

name is a built-in variable which evaluates to the name of the current module.


Hey @JiteshGaikwad,

Thanks , it’s working now :smiley: :smiley:

I have implemented Rasa-ChatHistory-Logger .Is it possible to get specific sender _id log information?

@Saranya96, you can get it, can you let me know how are you storing the data, I mean logging it to db or json file?

I am logging as a json file only.

If your json file is something similar to this file:

you need to write the code as below:

  • you need to write a function which accepts the sender_id
  • Inside the function, you need to maintain a variable let’s say sender_logs of datatype list that will store the sender’s log info
  • and then you need to write the code that will loop over the json data and check the info with sender’s id and once matched it will append the data to the sender_logs variable
  • once the loops end, you need to return the sender_logs variable