Chat history using Tracker Stores but no instruction

is it possible to get the whole chat history with the bot? I would like to get the whole history after the end of conversation with a bot. I am using 0.11.12. But I just found out 0.12.1 has tracker stores. However, there is no instruction InMemoryTrackerStore (default) though.

What instructions do you need?

It is by default so if you don’t give a tracker_store it takes InMemory and since it has no attributes there is nothing to configure

I mean how can I get the full chat history or output it by using that?

Using InMemory, you can use tracker API

Sorry, I don’t really understand what you meant. Is there any instruction of tracker API?

Is it this one? Dialogue State Tracker

How can I add this to my story? or need to use a customized action? or do I need to use Redis instead?

Thank you

That’s the API, it depends on how you use Rasa core, chat logs are in the tracker store and you have to retrieve it yourself using your own code. Beware Inmemory tracker is not persistent. You restart rasa core and data is gone. For persistence use mongo or redis

Either use Http API or the python one you mentioned above

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