Waiting for messages to come from users when integrated with the slack

Hello everyone, currently after integrating rasa into slack, I realize a problem like the following. When the bot replies to the user, ‘What did you do yesterday?’ Users reply to many actions, but in the form of many messages. For example, the user replies as follows: I played football -> then press enter And then I went fishing. -> press enter But when the user first presses the message has been put in rasa to reply, while I want it to merge the other two messages. I think the solution is to mark the user’s response message as a fixed word, then wait for that word in the action, when it receives it, it will process. Does anyone have a better solution? Thanks everyone.

By “fixed word”, do you mean something like a walkie-talkie situation where you wait till the user says something like “Over”? That may work if your user is made aware that they have to do it.

In general, this is a difficult problem to address as you can never know if a user is done saying something. Is your bot immediately responding to their message? In that case, it should be obvious to the user that it’s too late to change what they said by now, and from then on the only thing they can do is to edit the response. But in general, you can allow variants of this editing process by reverting your actions and responding to the updated message (Events).

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