Utterance missing sequence order

ex: ‘utter_data - text: “it has 10 points with \n\n for new line or box”’ while executing utter_data, it missing its sequence order. responce: 1.abc 2. dcf 5. gtfd 9. exdg 3. edfd

but i want 1, 2, 3, 4 …like

Hey @narasingh

I’m not sure I understand the problem. Could you please elaborate on that?

i am getting api data. in data there is 10 json objects. i am printing these 10 records in bot using while loop. ex:

 while j>1:
	utter_message(data[j].[0]); // utterance order missing here

its printing 10 records. but its order missing


      1 row
      2 row
      5 row
      3 row
      4 row....etc.

if count is 3 or (less size), it executing correct sequence. when records count is more than 5(not exactly) , it is not executing correctly. means when there is high data its missing its sequence.

Hey @narasingh

Sorry, I still don’t get the problem. Do you get these 10 json object from either of the Rasa Open Source HTTP endpoints? Which one is it?