Bot responses out of order- bug?

Does anyone else experience getting bot responses out of order?

I have a bot connected to twilio and sometimes, randomly, my bot will respond in the incorrect order.

For example, I have an utter_message, then a custom action(with a dispatcher.utter_message), usually on top of each other in my stories. Sometimes, the custom action will respond to the user before the utter_message despite not being in any stories as such.

Also, within custom actions( two dispatcher.utter_message requests, one after the other; are inconsistent in which order they are sent to the user)

Any way to fix this? or at least get more consistent chronological message delivery

I am facing the same issue. Any solutions? Should the calls to api.twilio or whatsapp directly be made synchronous before the next action or utter is executed? If yes, wouldnt that impact scalability.

I’ve had this problem with a custom chatbot I’m working on. Not sure if it’s our codebase or Rasa.