Using supervised_embeddings pipeline gives error

As mentioned in the documentation, i tried to use supervised_embeddings as a pipeline but i am getting error saying Unknown Pipeline. Please Assist.

RASA Version: rasa-core==0.14.0 rasa-core-sdk==0.14.0 rasa-nlu==0.15.0

Config.yml: pipeline: supervised_embeddings language: en

Error Stacktrace: rasa_nlu.config.InvalidConfigError: No pipeline specified and unknown pipeline template ‘supervised_embeddings’ passed. Known pipeline templates: spacy_sklearn, keyword, tensorflow_embedding

Thanks in advance.

Hey suraj, your error stack trace doesn’t seem to indicate that you’re actually running rasa-nlu==0.15.0. Could it be that you maybe downloaded the newest version in a different environment than you’re currently running?

Yes it seemed to be an environment issue, used virtualenv to run it in an isolated environment and it worked.

Thanks for your reply.