Using Slots with Roles

in my case, I want the user to provide the start date and end date ( the user maybe add them in one sentence or add the start date only and the bot asks him about the end date ) the second scenario is working fine. the problem with the first scenario is that when the user tries to add the start date and end date in one sentence the bot considers the start date and end date as a list of the start date . API_error

and we followed the instruction in this Topic Topic

Hi @Shima-Mohammed, you are using one date entity with a role parameter, right? How do you define the slot mappings?

Maybe a simpler question first: what is the nlu result? Does it identify the roles correctly?

hello @soerenetler yes, you are right i have created only one date entity called ‘date’ and 2 roles ‘start’ and ‘end’ and I have configured the slots and form as shown in the images form entities

no, it detects both the start role and end role as the start role

Do I see it correctly in your screenshot that both entities (22-31 and 36-45) are marked as role start?


but this should not be the case. one needs to be classified as end. so the problem is maybe with too little training examples.