Slot filling using the entity with 2 roles

Hi all. I have a question regarding annotating entities with roles. Suppose I label a name using name entity with 2 roles, first_name and last_name, respectively. How can I map this entity to a slot NAME at once in a form?

Screenshot from 2021-01-06 09-02-16

Can you elaborate on why you want it to be a single slot? You can always create a variable ‘full name’ that combines first and last name in your custom action and return that variable.

If you need it to be a single slot you will have to define a third entity and slot as ‘full name’ to your domain as far as i know. For example when building a foreign currency bot i had used;

  1. currency(role:from) e.g. USD
  2. currency(role:to) e.g. AED
  3. currency_pair e.g. USD/AED

Thanks for the reply. Since I create lookup table for first_name and last_name separately in order to have better name entity extraction. I am currently using custom action to do the slot mapping in Form according to the link, however, it still not works from my side

can you paste the code for your custom action here?