Using Redis to store ReminderActions

We have a lot of ReminderActions that are sent to customers (within a 24 hours window).

Rasa Core uses the default jobstore, which stores all ReminderAction in Memory, which means deploying a new version of the bot also means loosing all those wonderfull ReminderAction.

I tried patching rasa-core directly to use a RedisJobStore, but then Im having issue pickling a job: TypeError: can't pickle LockType objects

Digging further, it seems to be an issue when picking a MessageProcessor which is passed as an args to the job.

Anyone having this kind of issue? What kind of solution did you come up with?

This seemed the obvious way, but I guess I will need to listen to @atexit, dump the reminderaction stored in memory and load them back when starting.

Have you tried using the RedisTrackerStore?

Yes, we are using the RedisTrackerStore, but it’s limited to slots. It doesn’t affect Reminder Actions.

It should be storing the whole tracker, not just the ReminderActions. Can you maybe post this as an issue on rasa core?