Using JSON Instead of Markdown with HTTP Server

Hi all. I have a question regarding the HTTP API. When using the /model/train/ endpoint, can I pass the training data in JSON instead of markdown format? It would be an easier machine readable format for the project I’m working on.

Hi there @kylegallatin, I just looked in the code and I don’t think at this point it’s possible to, as it automatically dumps the contents of your request into an file. However, I don’t think it would be too hard to adjust this – would you be interested in opening a PR to add this enhancement? I could show you where in the code we would have to add a little more logic.

Hi Ella, thanks for your help! Yeah actually I would - we’d only have to edit to also write to json, correct?

Yep, I think so! Here is where the data gets dumped to a file (md automatically) – we also have a guess_format method that would probably be helpful to use there: rasa/ at ad4120836fcff7816019cdc9695e8fa3ded2778d · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub