Training NLU server (/train) with json data


Is it possible to train RASA with json formated data using the server (/train) ? Looking at the API doc, it seems that the training endpoint only accepts Markdown but the doc of RASA says that we can use json as well (maybe not using the server).

Thank you, Pierre

I’m wondering the same. I have training data in JSON format that I used to train with the http server. Do I have to convert this data to markdown format in order to use use the new server API?

if you have them as markdown format, how does the request look like then according to the doc? (HTTP API)

I’d like to bump this topic: is it possible to train the HTTP server using NLU data in JSON format? If it is not currently possible, are there plans to add this functionality?


Here is my other topic about it with an answer from a member of the RASA team :

And I raised an issue on the github repo :

Now we can only wait…