Using HTTP API in dialogflow compatibility: no utterance back?


I try to switch dialogflow for RASA in a complex architecture and don’t want to change everything. So I see the option to use the API with dialogflow compatibility mode. Great ! But I have 3 questions : 1-when I send an HTTP request to my RASA xx.xx.xx.xx:32772/model/parse?emulation_mode=DIALOGFLOW with “hello test”, I receive the detected intent, but not the response back. Here is the message. You notice the intent is OK but the text of the response is not there. The REST API or callback API can give me the answer, but there is no emulation mode there I think. Can anybody share experience on a successful dialogflow migration and give some hints on the API to use please ?

2-the field “action” is automatically completed by RASA with the name of the intent (“greet”) while in dialogflow you can set this parameters to something specific (the action that the middleman server can recuperate) . Is it possible to choose the value of this field with RASA ?

3- it seems RASA still comply with older API of dialogflow. Do you plan to update to the latest V2.1 ?

RASA response :

    "id": "98354cc4-8ee7-11ea-9240-02420a000303",
    "timestamp": "2020-05-05T15:46:33.044114",
    "result": {
        "source": "agent",
        "resolvedQuery": "hello test",
        "action": "greet",
        "actionIncomplete": false,
        "parameters": {},
        "contexts": [],
        "metadata": {
            "intentId": "98354e68-8ee7-11ea-9240-02420a000303",
            "webhookUsed": "false",
            "intentName": "greet"
        "fulfillment": {},
        "score": 0.9948782920837402
    "status": {
        "code": 200,
        "errorType": "success"
    "sessionId": "98354f12-8ee7-11ea-9240-02420a000303"

DIALOGFLOW original response (beginning)

  "responseId": "9ccca827-19b8-4647-86e7-736de60cf0c5-5fd6c646",
  "queryResult": {
    "queryText": "hello test",
    **"action": "human_boss",**
    "parameters": {},
    "allRequiredParamsPresent": true,
    **"fulfillmentText": "I connect you now with the business center of robocall. Please hold the line.",**
    "fulfillmentMessages": [

....(the rest of the message contains the name of the intent, confidence level and other details)

thx in advance to share any experience with migration from dialogflow that might help.