Using custom actions to solicit multiple user utterances when interacting with external API

Hi all,

I am trying to use a custom action to interact with an external API.

For example, let’s imagine I have a password intent that triggers a custom action called action_2FA. action_2FA wants to authenticate an external service and sends an email to the user asking for a verification code. I want the user to be able to provide the verification code and be authenticated before the custom action ends.

More explicitly,

User: I want access to authenticated service.

– custom action gets triggered, calling API

Bot (from API): Please enter the password.


Bot (from API): Please enter the code on your mobile device.

User: 1234567

Bot (from API): Authenticated.

–custom action ends

Note: This example is purely illustrative and we have no intention of performing user authentication in this fashion. We just use this example to illustrate the API requiring a few back and forths.

So far, I tried to use just use a while(True) loop in my custom action to experiment, but the rasa_server threw an exception TimeoutError, and the bot essentially crashed.

I’m unsure if followup actions would be useful in this case, but I’d like to essentially design the following

running = True

while running:

//interact with API

if API returns done:

running = False

end custom action