How to call 2 custom actions from another custom action


I need to call 2 actions from inside another action. I managed to call one action from another action by returning FollowupAction, and it works well if it’s only one. However, if the actions are more than one, it seems to always return only the last of those. In my example, I’m returning this:

return [FollowupAction("action_current_dose"), FollowupAction("action_time_remaining")]

But instead of executing both actions, it executes only the second one twice.

Does anybody know how to help me?

Thanks, Tiziano

In the Tracker code (rasa_sdk/ it only a single FollowupAction is allowed. So it just doesn’t seem possible. You could request a feature change via the GitHub issues to allow a list.

Not sure why it would be executed twice.

Sometimes even 3 or 4 times… it seems to have a strange behavior

Btw ok thanks for clarifying, I will open the issue on GitHub