Using buttons in MS Teams


I have recently connected MS Teams to my Rasa bot. For my conversation design I would like to include buttons which will be shown in MSTeams.

How can I display buttons in MS Teams from my Rasa bot? Do I need to use the bot framework of Microsoft or can I do it directly from an action in Rasa?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey there,

If you’re connected to the MS teams connector, you should be able to use buttons just like in any other channel. So you can define them in your domain like so: Domains and call them from utter_actions, or custom actions using dispatcher.utter_template. Or you can populate the buttons on the fly using dispatcher.utter_button_message — here is a good example: medicare_locator/ at master · RasaHQ/medicare_locator · GitHub

Thank you :slight_smile: it works.

Awesome! :rocket:

@Aviad may i know the whole process of integrating a rasa bot on MS teams that you have used please.

Hi , Could you help suggest if there is any specific setting in MS Teams needed to enable Cards, Buttons to show up ?image . I get this message in teams. The moodbot with 2 buttons works well on telegram and the Chat widget.

Hi, I have deployed the RASA financial bot in MS teams, its buttons are visible but give an error on clicking: “Something went wrong, please try again”. I have defined the required buttons in domain.yml file. Please help me resolve this error and make buttons work. Thank you

Hi, I am also having the same issue, was your problem resolved?

@srishti Did you get the solution?