Using articles in utterances when using variables

Dutch lanquage uses article. f.e. “het huis” - “the house”, “de school” - “the school”

Is there a way to use the right article in utterances when using variables?

i.e.: user: “ik verf het huis” - “I’m painting the house” bot: “waarom verf je {gebouw}” => "waarom verf jehet huis?* - “why are you painting the house”

user: “ik verf de berg” - “I’m painting the mountain” bot: “waarom verf je {gebouw}” => "waarom verf je de school? - “why are you painting the school”

I guess, I can use language model from f.e. spacey to get the right article.

But then, how to create the utterance?

When browsing the Rasa Open Source version hirstory, I think I’ve found a possible solution: conditional responce .

Don’t have tried it yet, because we’re still in exploring phase and still have installed Rasa 2.3.4.

And I suppose, we’ll have to use spacy to determine the article. So would take ome time.

But I’ll be back on this topic, later on these year, if we gave it a try!