Rasa Observer/Subject Pattern?

Hello everyone ! i was wondering what’s the best practice to use regarding getting a variable input from website where rasa assistant is deployed , and via that variable , the rasa model decides which stories to marginalize and which story/actions to perform/use before user even chats with the bot ? for example : an input date variable indicating that a perdiod x1 started so the bot performs a certain action leading him to use a story n°1, when that period x1 finishes , period x2 begins and the bot again starts the conversation using story n°2 ,period x2 finishes , period x3 begins and so on …

Hi Pandaxar,

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking but I’m going to assume that you have a website running a chat widget such as one of the examples. You could pass date value as metadata via a custom channel and store it in a slot which is by a form do customize the response.

You could also use a form which does a REST call to get the date and determines the response in the form.

Thanks stephens ! that was indeed the solution