Using an action instead of a normal utterance in ResponseSelector responses

Hi there!

I am using a faq retrieval intent with several “sub-intents” such as faq/identity, faq/viewing_options, etc. I have defined the responses in my domain as utter_faq/identity. So far so good.

I seem to remember from a question I asked during the Rasa 2.0 release that we could also use actions instead of normal utterances (I can’t find the video, unfortunately). I can’t find any mention of this in the documentation though :thinking: I tried creating an action utter_faq/identity but my action server is not called. Also tried to name it action_faq/identity without success.

Did I dream that it was possible to do that? If so, is that planned sometimes? I have a custom action that does something similar but I’d rather use the existing methods!

Cheers, Nico

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Did you find out anything. So far I haven’t found any way.