Using Amazon DynamoDB on AWS


I am looking at the documentation re: connectivity to Amazon DynamoDB but it makes no mention of credentials in the endpoints.yml.

I assume I need some kind of credentials/URL to use an AWS DynamoDB? The free tier looks very appealing!


Hi @pomegran, you can set your AWS credentials using environment variables when connecting to DynamoDB as described here: Environment variables to configure the AWS CLI - AWS Command Line Interface

Let me try and report back.

When setting up a table in DynamoDB it requires a primary key. What should this be set to?


@pomegran It uses sender_id as the primary key and, by default, will create a table for you with that definition: rasa/ at main · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Thank you. I have it all connected and populating as expected! Naturally I only needed the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables as the table is defined in the endpoints.yml. New to AWS but found this information here if anybody needs to find those details:

I want to use the tracker store to export data for an analytics tool. Does anybody have an example of how to do a simple filter on event attributes via the AWS SDK or PartiQL? Finding it difficult to just extract events within a time range for example.

Thanks for your help so far.


Hi, if we run inside docker-compose, where to put this aws environment variables?