Setting up .env for RasaX docker-compose setup with external tracker store

So I have a RasaX deployment running using docker-compose, I want to set up an external Postgres DB (RDS).

Was able to configure it in a local setup with endpoints.yml file And this works perfectly.

    type: SQL
    dialect: "postgresql"  # the dialect used to interact with the db
    url: ""  
    db: "postgres"  # path to your db
    username: "rds_user"  # username used for authentication
    password: "abcd"  # password used for authentication

But was not able to cofigure the docker-compose setup. Have added the below to the .env file.

But getting the error as password authentication failed for user “rds_user” Role “rds_user” does not exist.

You have your credentials.yml as well, right?

Yeah, I’ve got a credentials.yml for a channel configuration.

Have you changed the configurations of tracker_store back to var name? like this:

   type: sql
   dialect: "postgresql"
   url: ${DB_HOST}
   port: ${DB_PORT}
   username: ${DB_USER}
   password: ${DB_PASSWORD}
   db: ${DB_DATABASE}
   login_db: ${DB_LOGIN_DB}

@HotThoughts : Yeah this is how my endpoints.yml looks like.

That’s strange. Could you share more details about your setup? like the version of Rasa, Rasa X, and RDS.