DynamoDB Tracker Store Connection not Working


I have Rasa X deployed on an amazon amazon ec2 instance using docker compose with a custom action server. Everything works fine, the bot runs and functions properly. Issue is with connecting with dynamoDB tracker store. I have followed the documentations from here:

In accordance to the doc, I have setup the endpoints.yml as follows in the server with the following:

  type: "dynamo"
  table_name: "mytable"
  region: "ap-south-1"

Ran: sudo docker-compose down && sudo docker-compose up -d

The problem is any conversations with the bot gets reflected on rasa x when i login. But it doesn’t get logged in dynamodb. I run the following command for it: aws dynamodb scan --table-name mytable

Can someone please help what might be missing? As i followed exactly from the docs and i could not find any other post related to this issue. Is there any special instructions with respect to docker compose that needs to be followed and isn’t documented for DynamoDB? Please do help, thank you!

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Would really appreciate if someone could help here. Thanks!

we are looking in the same direction to achieve dynamo db inside docker compose