User Input like /intent_names Disable Method

Hello everyone, I want to disable user unwanted inputs something like that /greet /start /restart. Is it possible in Rasa? How to handle this problem ?

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You can handle it in your frontend application. Basically, that’s the logic:

if (message.startsWith('/')) {
    display('Your message cannot start with a slash')
} else {

For this code, I create actions for each intents. But my intents are replied with utter_intentname messages. In this respect, Where must I add this code block ? Could you explain your solution comprehensively? @ChrisRahme

Inside your frontend application, as I mentioned above.

The code above is just logic, no need to copy & paste exactly as it is - It depends on your frontend language anyway.

The logic is to not send the message to Rasa if it starts with /. Another logic would be to just remove that charcter and then send the message.

The logic above was written in JavaScript, I will write this second one in Python, just to emphasise that you can do whatever you want however you want:

if message[0] == '/':
    message = message[1:]


I use bot on telegram and messenger channel. where is handled message before action?

Ah I see, so not your custom frontend app.

No worries though, you can do so inside Rasa with a Custom Connector :slight_smile:

Inside of it, you remove the /.

I did not get Custom Connector. But I update UserMessage object’s text on file.But I do not know is it correct method or not? Because Button logic is working with /intent_name structure. In this time I have disabled button system or not ?

Sorry I don’t understand.

If it works the way you did it that’s great, just remove / if it is the first character:

if text[0] == '/':
    text = text[1:]