Use same entity for different intents in rasa

Hi Below are my 2 different intents

  • create_vm
  • start_vm

intent create_vm and start_vm should share same entity vm_provider=aws. But whenever I give value for entity vm_provider=aws wrong intent is identified.

They need to be different intents as the dialog flow is different for both these intents. How can I make the bot identify right intent. TIA

if both intents have same utterances so maybe you need to think about making them one intent and handle the difference from the Custom Action

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Hi , thanks for responding. No the dialog flow is different. These 2 intents share only one entity together. Ex:user- create a vm bot- vm provider? user- aws bot- os type (Windows/Linux) user - windows

Ex: user- start a vm bot -vm provider? user- aws bot- vm name? user- abc

These 2 intents share 1 entity together. Bot identifies wrong intent. Any suggestions?

so the problem here is two intents has the same utterance so the NLU misclassifying it if you are using a middleware software as botkit you can add some payload on the user input so the NLU can classify well… that’s the idea in mind now … if i found anything i will come back to you

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Yeah it would be great if you any other suggestions with using only RASA. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Do we have any solution for this query. we are looking at doing multiple custom actions based on a same entity extracted based on regex.

for example:

we have multiple intents like vmreboot vmloginerror vmdeletion vmupgrade

#entity is going to be similar text based on regex it always identifs a wrong itent and doesnt set and slot properly. once use enters a vmname like bnglnx01, bnglnx03, bngrhl01, bngsles02 etc… we have entity identified when it starts with bng

based on this it should identify the proper custom action based on the intent extracted…

here having 2 issues

  1. not getting proper intent
  2. getting proper intent it doesnt allot a slot for that…

how can be figure this out .

does formactions help ? is there any other approach to this.

Maybe this example can help you,

Does anyone find a solution to this?