Same entity choosing appropriate custom actions based on different intents

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Kindly help with this request. I haven’t found a concrete answer in this forum before.

Maybe you could post that context here, typically it is best to ask questions in a new forum post and not on the tail end of an existing one like that.

To your existing question if I understand you correctly from that original post it appears you want the user to be able to supply a virtual machine name so you can then reboot it, etc. My recommended approach would just be to use forms and ask for information and just set that to an entity value.

For example in the code helpdesk_assistant/ at master · btotharye/helpdesk_assistant · GitHub I have my custom action code in my Forms asking them for their problem description, then whatever they type/give me I set that to the entity. So you could do something similar for your situation if you wanted, or I believe you could still use a regex if the vm names always begin with bng then follow some number scheme as well.