Use docker exec instead of docker run


I read the docs and when i want to talk with my assistant, i must use docker run -it. But if i want to use docker exec -it instead of docker run -it, is it possible? What should i do?

Thank you!

Hi @heraclex12, you need to use docker run to start the container. The docker exec command can only be used to run commands on containers that are already running (see docs on run vs. exec). Hope it helps!


Thank you for your helps!



I have been trying to get Rasa on docker and I am not sure what docker image i need for that.

I have one machine where there is Python and then rasa is installed. I also have Docker installed on that machine.

Now can you help me with steps for running my rasa project running on docker?

Isn’t that what we want to do? Initiate a container (with docker run) and then interact with it (with docker exec)? I don’t mean user -interaction with the bot. I mean developer interaction to tweek its behaviour.