Url is giving 500 error while trying to deploy my chatbot on slack

I am trying to deploy my project on slack and what I did is:- a) Firstly I downloaded ngrok and fire it up on port 80 and public url generated is like this https://—ngrok.io b)Now when I am trying event subscriptions on slack I am putting my URL as https://—ngrok.io/webhooks/slack/webhook But URL is not getting verified and showing 404 error. my localhost:80 and https://—ngrok.io is working properly. Anyone please help me here to deploy my chatbot on slack. see the code of endpoints.yml and credentials.yml file

> endpoints.yml

action_endpoint: url: “http://localhost:5055/webhook

> credentials.yml

 rasa: url: "http://localhost:5002/api" //anyone explain this also

Hi @reena_kandari. In your credentials.yml you should provide the Slack authentication tokens rather than a url. For example, your credentials.yml should look like the following:

  slack_token: "xoxb-286425452756-safjasdf7sl38KLls"
  slack_channel: "#my_channel"

Here the slack_token is a token which you can find on your slack app configuration page.

One more important thing is that your ngrok should run on the same port as your Rasa server. So for example, when you start you Rasa server (run the assistant) with the command below:

rasa run -p 5004

then your ngrok should also run on the port 5004:

ngrok http 5004

thank you @Juste,It worked. But now I have a question that is weather we have to change url every time we regenerate it through ngrok? and also when I am trying to post a message in channel it is giving response there but if I post the input in App section it is responding but in channel.I dont understand why its happening like this. my credentials file

> slack:
>   slack_token: "xoxb------"
>   slack_channel: "#nic-chatbot"

Hi @reena_kandari. Yes, unless you get a paid version of ngrok, you have to update the url every time you update it.

Regarding you second question. Is #nic-chatbot your channel name or bot name?

@Juste, #nic-chatbot is channel name and @nic_chatbot is app name.

@Juste, can you please help me in this? and is there any way that I can use my Slack chatbot on my Android mobile phone instead of browser?

Hi @reena_kandari. You should be able to use your bot on your mobile phone, it doesn’t matter on what platform you run Slack.

Regarding your issue - what happens if you don’t set the channel name? I think then you should be able to send DMs to your bot and talk to it on a channel if you @ the bot.

If you are using botman studio and started fresh with botman new cli command, you have to generate a key with artisan.

botman new botman-example

cd botman-example

composer update

php artisan key:generate

php artisan serve