How to upload files like (pdf, docx)?

what i want to do to can i to upload a files or attachment any file ?

Hello @mohdawamleh ,

first you need a front-end that can handle file input, set the binary to a slot, send it to RASA and a custom action to handle this slot content, the binary.


HI @lluchini ,

I am a fresher can you please list down the steps or show a example on how to achieve document upload , I am using rasa- webchat for deployment

Thank you

but i can’t to edit the front-end

Hi @Aashay1,

I don’t have an example, I just know how to do it (and I’ll but not until next month).

I use this frontend GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A chat widget for Rasa and Botfront and I’m cusomizing it as I need.


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hey can you provide a code snippet to how you achieved it using custom UI?

Hi @lluchini, can you please explain how you did it ?

can you post sample code?