Up-to-date Rasa 3.x examples, lack of support

We are trying to figure out, how Rasa really works. The problem with the current documentation is that it doesn’t give you real-world examples of how much training is necessary, how important, e.g. stories are or how much you can do with e.g. dynamic forms.

The examples in the Rasa github repository are not up-to-date, often only for v2.X and you don’t tackle or even respond to issues opened there. Furthermore, searching on github for Rasa chatbots also doesn’t give any up-to-date real-world examples - at least I couldn’t find any - and please don’t consider the numerous abandoned first-try projects as of any matter.

Since you discontinued Rasa-X for open usage - and before that the support for it in this forum was also more than lacking - it’s now even harder to create anything useful with the OpenSource version. So I wonder, what your take is on how an evaluation of Rasa should at all be possible ?

As a direct reply to this post, it would be helpful to see some examples of up-to-date open source chatbots and some intuition about your plans for maintenance of the example repos.