Unknown intent found, while trying to train model using rest api

I was trying to make a panel through which user can train the model using rest api. But while using the api given for train the model I got the issue “Intent not found”. I’ve attached the screenshot of the issue , please check it. I’ve also copied the example given on the website to train the model, but it was also not working. Please help…

Hi Siddhartha and welcome to the forum.

At the top of the output it says you don’t have a domain.yml file. This is required. Have you initialized the project with rasa init and setup your domain.yml?


Hi Greg, The domain.yml file is present in the project and it works when we train the model using “rasa train” command, but when I’m trying to train the model using the rest api it fails and shows the above attached file error.

It’s not finding your domain file. As you can see from the startup message, it’s looking for the domain at /tmp/tmpqzj69drj/domain.yml.

What the full command line you are executing? Are you running within docker? What do your docker volume mounts look like?