Unable to submit form using custom action_submit

I have created a form to submit a GET request to an api and it works, but I created a second form which makes another GET request to the same api but its just not submitting the form, no errors are thrown on the action server command prompt, and im getting no output

Im not too sure why this is happening as my other form is working? any ideas on how to fix this?

Can you share the logs with rasa —debug and check that the slots required for the form to complete are being filled? Also sharing your stories would help.

Hi Mr. Will,

sure I have share the details with you before, thank you for your reply and help

I have 4 slot values which are being filled as seen below and the debug logs are below too.

I have 1 sample story for this scenario as of now attached below but I also have a rule defined which allows me to activate the form at any time I have shared this below too

image image

photos of function definition are also attached under this for your clarification Mr.Will

Thank you for your help sir

Thanks, Jivitesh. It appears your story is missing the action_submit_meal_plan_api_call custom action. Also it appears that the initial form is not deactivated before activating the second form. This section from the documentation should help.

Dear Mr will,

I will fix these issues and get back to you, Thank you for the help hopefully it should work after I make these changes

Thank you once again

Best regards, Jivitesh Sharma