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Hi @mishra-atul5001!

Looking at the log that you have posted, it seems that the rasa x server could not connect to actions server. Are you sure your actions server is running?


Use inform intent for the slot filling process and make use of look up tables

keep a check here that will check if its a new intent

could you please elaborate.

if you are in the form action, there is a check that, if a entity is extracted then fill the requested slot with it, otherwise check if its an “inform/fill_slot” intent even then fill the requested slot. otherwise if it goes to the action execution rejection that means it will call some other action. make than other action a custom action and manually control the deviation in the custom action and revert the action with utterance and come back to the form action if its a simple utterance and if an intent that caused action execution rejection is triggering another form action then prompt the user if he really wants to deviate to another form or he wants to stay in the current form with " yes" "no " buttons.

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