Need to call custom action when form is requesting for sots

Hi, am using rasa 1.9.5.

I have a form that gets activated and it will ask for the slots to fill. When it is asking for a slot to fill its calling utter_slots_{name}. But my requirement is, I need to call custom action instead like action_ask_{name}.

I need to call custom action for all slot filling questions.

Hello @Sharu, welcome to the Forum!

You can do exactly that, define action_ask_{name}. See Forms

It’s not working for me. Does it supported only in the rasa 2.x version, because I am using rasa 1.9.5

Hi @Sharu, Yes, it supported in the rasa 2.x version

Hi, Thanks for the response.

now tried to upgrade my rasa2.1 but I am getting issues in windows. Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @Sharu,

This issue should be fixed with Rasa 2.3.0 and rasa-sdk 2.3.0.

Can you please try it out?