Unable to set Domain name

Hello, recently I was tasked by my boss to set up a Rasa-X-Instanz on a VM (Ubuntu 20). Thanks to the [Guide](https://The Complete Guide to Deploying Your Rasa Assistant) by Karen White I was able to do so. My IT skills are rather limited, and so I am currently stuck trying to set a domain name.

The DNS entry was done by a colleague. I am currently using the following values file to update helm: `app: name: rasa/rasa-x-demo tag: 0.40.0 duckling: enabled: false eventService: tag: 0.40.1 global: debugMode: false postgresql: postgresqlPassword: KYv0ya8QGQkE2KqW_o0_ redis: password: 0Taxqwxo15k4eE5jVmtQ ingress: hosts:

  • host: paths:
    • / tls:
  • secretname: “” hosts:

nginx: http: server: listen: 443 listen: 80 server_name: service: type: ClusterIP port: 8000 rabbitmq: rabbitmq: password: 3IiTqq689zc6UA2Re609 rasa: tag: 2.6.2-full rasax: port: 8000 disableTelemetry: false extraEnvs:

  • name: QUICK_INSTALL value: “true” initialUser: password: fWRMC11wjF4KQAn6nJxo tag: 0.40.1`

I know this is working, of a sorts, because if I set some value for the ports of rasax or nginx which isnt permitted by the firewall access to the UI of Rasa-x, i cant access it. But I am unable to set up the specific domain name for which the DNS entry exists. If I apply the above file with helm upgrade --values rasa_project/values.yml --namespace rasa --reuse-values rasa rasa-x/rasa-x the only effect I can observe is that I cant connect to the IP of the VM (Error 404) and if I try the domain the error says “Side not found”.

Does anybody has an idea to why that is, and how to solve it? I am currently at my wits end. Thank you in advance I also found this thread: How to add an SSL using Let'sEncrypt for Rasa X on Kubernetes

Okay, so heres the solution to all my problems:

  • We “downgraded” to the docker-compose setup
  • The DNS-Entry wasnt set up properly, after that and the correction of the paths for the certificates, everything works fine.

But a remark on the install-script for docker: in the docker-compose.yml the volume for the certs are being created via ./certs:/etc/certs so ine the container its /etc/certs, but in the ssl.conf.template they are refered to by

 ssl_certificate         /etc/nginx/certs/fullchain.pem;
 ssl_certificate_key     /etc/nginx/certs/privkey.pem;

Which, the caused the nginx-server to never set up, because it could find the files which I provided to /etc/certs. Found the error after checking the logs and the paths.

tl;dr: issue solved with docker and a correct dns-entry

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Thank you for coming back and providing a solution :slight_smile: