Error message when running actions

Hello all, please fogive me when this question is already answered. Unfortunately, I could not find a solution for my issue.

When I run any kind of action, I get an error message as you can see in picture #1 (Encountered an exception while running action “xxxx”. Bot will continue, but the actions events are lost. Please check the logs of your action server for more information.) I did check the action server and the functions are registered as you can see on picture #3. I even simplified the action “action_extract_food_entity” to get only a text as feedback as you can see on picture #4. When you need some code. In picture #8 you can see the different versions I am using. According the documentation, the versions should be compatible.

How can I fix the problem to run actions with the Python file

BR, Gero RASA open points.pdf (967.8 KB)

The error message says no endpoint is configured. Your endpoints.yml needs to point to the action server, shown here.

# endpoints.yml
 url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook"

Hello Greg, thanks for taking your valuable time and helping me. I did enable the endpoing in the file # endpoints.yml. When you have a quick look at Picture #3, (Rasa action server runining) you will see the actions servier is up and running and has identified the actions I have programmed. In my understanding it must be something different, or where could you identify, the action server isn’t running. Thanks for your help again.

Yes, I noticed picture #3 showing the action server is running but the error message is telling you that rasa can’t access it which is why I asked you to confirm the endpoints.yml setting.

I now see that line 14 of your endpoints.yml is not indented.

Hi Greg, thanks a lot for your help. In fact the missing indented was the error. Not it works fine. Have a great day.