Unable to find image

Hello,i’m trying deploy a model using docker. So far i’ve downloaded the rasa docker image from docker and now trying to build the image and train the model using docker but i’m lost. I’ve tried to run: docker run
-v $(pwd):/app
–domain domain.yml
–data data
–out models but it says Unable to find image ‘rasa/rasa_core:latest’ locally Where is the docker image downloaded?

hi @Dnnsmoyo - this is strange, there shouldn’t be any need to pull the old rasa/rasa_core image. What happens if you first run docker pull rasa/rasa and then run this command again?

Finally got it to work. Doing docker pull wasn’t working until i did docker run -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa init --no-prompt, it then re-downloaded the image and this time it worked. Thanks.