Unable to connect with Rasa server

Hi everyone, When I execute rasa run the server starts running . But when I try to connect it with rasa webchat framework I am getting this error. Please help me guys. It’s urgent. Thank you all in advance.

There are several people have report this problem. Maybe try docker with older rasa version.

how to install older rasa version in anaconda python env ?

Have you tried adding the --cors "*" flag to your run command? this should tell it that all origins are accepted origins.

Yes I did. But it is not working.

Can you try downgrading python-engineio to 3.8.1 as described here? Fatal error - engineio.server - https://mysite.com is not an accepted origin. after upgrade · Issue #4204 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

python-engineio doesn’t have version 3.8.1 now :sweat:

Strange. What is the <script> setup of your widget?

@technophile_2507 I had the same issue , I resolved it by updating to rasa (version 1.2.5). and running the following command

rasa run --port 5005 --cors "*" --enable-api